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To improve the health and wellbeing of the Cedar Valley


Our Guiding Principles

  • Comprehensive - A broad approach is needed to address the multi-dimensional levels of human beings, i.e. the physical, emotional and mental levels with the goal being sustained improvement.
  • Partnership - We will partner with others, funders and nonprofits, to address community issues.  We will also work in areas where other funders may not yet be working.
  • Impartiality, equal treatment and fairness - We will not fund organizations that discriminate on any basis prohibited by applicable law.
  • Perpetuity - Specifically, we will safeguard the Foundation's principal for the betterment of generations to come. 
  • Continuous Improvement - As a Foundation, we will evolve from our beginning as a grant making organization to develop our role of convening, collaborating, and knowledge sharing thereby maximizing the Foundation’s ultimate benefit to the community.

Our Funding Approach: 

  • We will ‘meet the needs of the time’ as those needs are (1) brought through the grant making process and (2) identified by our leadership living and working within the community.
  • Our focus will be on those members of our community who are vulnerable.
  • We will act as stewards of our community and resources while helping community organizations grow and develop.

Our Funding Preference: 

  • Seeks to change the minds & behaviors of individuals and change communities.
  • Advocates for projects and organizations that meet the needs of the vulnerable.
  • Prioritizes addressing root or primary causes of health and wellbeing.
  • Supports ideas with evidence of success and impact.
  • Favors Waterloo, because of the greater needs.
  • Shares in funding with others.

Ineligible For Funding:

  • Projects that do not meet the Otto Schoitz Foundation mission
  • For-profit entities or not-for-profits that are not 501c3 organizations
  • Individuals
  • Fiscal agents applying on behalf of another entity
  • Organizations competing with Mercy Health Network and their affiliates
  • Multiple applications from a single entity in a given funding cycle 
  • Programs that promote religious activities
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Fund raising events
  • Projects geographically beyond a 30-mile radius of Waterloo, Iowa


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