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To improve the health and wellbeing of the community, the Otto Schoitz Foundation leaders believe in the following principles and approach.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Comprehensive - for sustained improvement, a broad approach is taken to address the multi-dimensional levels of individuals, i.e. the physical, emotional and mental levels.
  • Partnership - the Foundation partners with others, funders and nonprofits, to address community issues and works in areas where other funders may not yet be.
  • Impartiality, equal treatment and fairness - the Foundation does not fund organizations that discriminate on any basis prohibited by applicable law.
  • Perpetuity - the Foundation safeguards its endowment for the betterment of generations to come. 
  • Continuous Improvement - the Foundation is evolving as a grantor to include convening, collaborating and knowledge-sharing thereby maximizing its benefit to the community.

Our Funding Approach: 

  • The Foundation ‘meets the needs of the time’ as those needs are brought through the grant application process as well as identified by our leadership living and working within the community.
  • Our focus is on those members of our community who are vulnerable.
  • The Foundation acts as a steward of our community and resources while helping community organizations grow and develop.
  • Our funding preference favors proposals directed towards:
  1. Changing the minds & behaviors of individuals.
  2. Bettering community.
  3. Meeting the needs of the vulnerable.
  4. Addressing root or primary causes of health and wellbeing. 
  5. Deploying ideas with evidence of success and impact.
  6. Favoring Waterloo, because of the greater need.
  7. Sharing in funding with others.

Our Funding Dashboard, click here for full view.

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